Commission refers Greece to the European Court of Justice for non transposition of certain measures regarding the Blood Directives


Today the European Commission has decided to refer Greece to the European Court of Justice for the non-transposition of implementing measures in relation to the Blood Directive 2002/98/EC, which is setting EU-wide quality and safety standards for the collection, testing, processing, storage and distribution of human blood and blood components. The implementing measures which Greece has still not transposed concern the traceability of blood and blood derivatives (Directive 2005/61/EC) and quality standards (Directive 2005/62/EC). The implementing measure on traceability establishes a verification procedure for issuing blood and blood components, and details the data that has to be recorded. It also foresees the notification of serious adverse reactions and annual reporting and exchange of information between national authorities. The implementing measure on quality assurance puts forward standards and specifications of a quality system for blood establishments (bodies responsible for the collection and testing of human blood or blood components intended for transfusion). This does not include hospital blood banks. This is now the third stage in the infringement procedure against Greece, – on 16 October 2006, the Commission sent a «letter of formal notice», which was followed by a «reasoned opinion» on 29 June 2007.

From: EUROPA, the European Commission Server at <>



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